Yellowman upset as coronavirus causes show cancellation

Written by on March 5, 2020

No More War is the title of King Yellowman’s 2020 album, and the dancehall legend says that with the deadly coronavirus now spreading globally, the name is highly appropriate.

“I know that a war was coming and it is here. It is a war with the virus. It is like a cyber war and a chemical warfare,” the Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt deejay said.

Yellowman made reference to the Vietnam War, and said that was the event which opened the eyes of the world to the use of chemicals, and later the diseases, that these chemicals can cause.

“You don’t have to use bombs and guns. In these times all dem have to do is unleash one of these viruses one place and dem infect half of the world,” the deejay said.

He added: “Disease is like a phone. There is a new one every year, and dem up to date.”

The entertainer, who recently returned from a short but hectic tour in California, USA, where he did 15 shows in two weeks, said that it is inevitable that the coronavirus will affect the music industry, because as an artiste, he is already feeling the pinch.

“Me and my daughter were contracted to perform at a festival in California this weekend. I was supposed to leave the island on Thursday because it’s a two-day festival and I was performing on Saturday, with a band up there. So I was going in a day early to rehearse with the band on Friday. But they called Tuesday to say it has been cancelled because of the virus,” he told THE STAR.

He noted that this is a massive, annual event which attracts tens of thousands of people.


“A lot of rock bands and heavy metal bands were on the line-up, and so because it is such a huge gathering, it was called off,” Yellowman explained.

He noted that his agent would already have collected his deposit, which would not be refundable, “but that is still a little effect of the virus right there”.

With the usually busy summer period coming up, ‘King Yellow’ says anything is possible as far as concerts are concerned.

“Maybe a couple more show get cancelled because of the virus. Just look at where dem drop the virus first. In war, you have collateral damage, so other countries going to have it. But since we on the other side of the world, we have day when dem have night, so we don’t must get it,” the legendary deejay theorised.

Despite all that is happening, Yellowman is still preaching his no more war message through his newly released 14-track album, and is making plans to go on another US tour starting May 1.

Source: Jamaica Star
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