‘We’re good’ – I-Octane says no love lost between him and Kranium

Written by on March 21, 2020

“Weh I-Octane find so much bad-mind friend from?”

A simple question posed by international dancehall artiste Kranium on Tuesday quickly escalated into a social media squabble between himself and the ‘Hot Ras’.

The pair exchanged verbal blows on Instagram leaving many to speculate about a possible feud.

But I-Octane told THE STAR that there is no love lost between them.

“Because a di whole Corona thing we had time on our hands so we did just a f**k around. We never have nothing and we still nuh have nothing. People nuffi buy in too much into what was said on social media. Is just that a man say supmn publicly so me address it publicly. But we good,” he said. “More time yuh affi make a man know say what is joke to you, is death to me. So him say weh him say and him maybe never mean nothing but me did affi make him know too say a di same bad-mind song dem weh me sing used to be your song dem,” he said.

I-Octane is currently promoting his new single, Prevail, which chronicles his struggle to keep rising despite forces trying to hold him back.

Well aware that persons believe he is a ‘one topic’ artiste, I-Octane said there is nothing wrong with having a niche.

“Every artiste have dem lane. Yuh have artiste weh love sing bout gyal, some weh love sing bout gun, me bun out bad mind and nothing nuh wrong wid dat,” he said. “But when a man make a talk like that, him make it look like we nuh have every type of song. Me did affi remind him (Kranium) say him never affi put it out deh so. Leave that to the people because you as an artiste know about having preference. Most a fi him song dem a bout who fa gyal him a f**k and which gyal a f**k pan him and dem hit. My bad-mind song dem hit.”

I-Octane said that the exchange is now history and that he and Kranium are on good terms.

“Him make a post say it look like him gone pan my bad-mind list and me make him know say only list him deh pan a di bredda list so we good,” said I-Octane.

Source: Jamaica Star
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