Spragga Benz urges Jamaicans to live in love

Written by on February 5, 2020

January was a month of great turmoil in Jamaica. With the country having recorded more than 116 murders over the 31-day period (which included multiple domestic violence-related killings), a magnitude 7.7 earthquake and panic over the fast-spreading coronavirus, many are hoping February will be a better month.

One such person is internationally renowned dancehall artiste, Spragga Benz.

“Threat of another world war, coronavirus, man a chop off woman head, all sort a things gwaan inna January. It wasn’t a good month,” he told THE STAR following his performance at last Saturday’s staging of Footloose in Kingston.

With February being Reggae Month, Black History Month, and boasting Valentine’s Day, Spragga Benz is hoping that things will only get better going forward.

“I hope that while we’re celebrating the greatness of our people, we can look into ourselves and do the right things. It’s also the month we celebrate reggae music, and if there’s one thing that can bring people together it’s the power of music, so this month should be a lot better,” he said.

“This is the month we focus on the good things and lowe out di negativity, and me just want the people dem really think about that and put some positive energy out there.”

Spragga Benz said that he will be using all platforms available to him to spread positive messages. The artiste’s next big performance on the Rock is set for the Jamaica Rum Festival this month end. He said that like he did at Footloose, he will use that stage to ‘reason with his people’ and encourage them to live in love.

Source: Jamaica Star
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