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Former TOK member eyes political arena – Flexx, now Ja Flexx, says after years of consideration, it’s time

Written by on March 20, 2020


Before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, there were speculations that a general election might be called this year (constitutionally, it is due in 2021, but can be called early at the will of the prime minister), but now, all talks of elections and campaigning have been forced to take a back seat, in light of the current reality.

Entertainer Ja Flexx (formerly known as Flexx, of dancehall-reggae quartet TOK), like many others, is hoping that the current pandemic will pass quickly and things will eventually get back to normal.

The artiste is also waiting for the opportunity to vote when the election is called, even as he contemplates getting involved in active politics. Ja Flexx admits to never voting before, he says, “Definitely, I plan to now. I never did because I was one of them who said nobody naah do good … but, if all of us take that step, then we will allow just anything to happen.”

Ja Flexx, whose given name is Xavier Davidson, said he is seriously contemplating getting into politics.

“The whole politics thing, actually, is something that I’ve been thinking about for years now, but the thing is, I wanted to try and find a way to balance being an artiste and doing it, because you know, it’s kinda tricky,” Ja Flexx said.


Since TOK’s split back in 2015, members have been pursuing their individual goals in music, and Ja Flexx says he has had more time to reflect and figure out what he wants for his own path in life.

“With the whole politics thing, I see where there is room for a lot of improvement … and I think we, as Jamaicans, need more people who are not afraid to say what’s on their mind, yuh know, people who are real, people who are, honest and people who can actually see things, not only from the middle to the upper class point of view, but also the likkle poor man pon di road … see things from fi him point of view too.

“We are all Jamaicans and I don’t believe that Jamaica is for one set of people, or another set of people. It’s for all of us,” he said.

When questioned as to what his political affiliation would be, Ja Flexx told eProbe that he was taking things slowly, one step at a time.

“My plan right now is to just see where there is a need and try to do what I can do. I know people from both political parties (The People’s National Party – PNP, and The Jamaica Labour Party – JLP), but at the same time, it’s not a situation where I’m planning to run in on any party. I’m just going to start from my home ground weh me grow,” said Ja Flexx, who grew up in Bridgeport, St Catherine.

“I’m a man wey deal wid policies. Nowadays when I see people voting for parties, it’s for other things other than what the party stands for. I have to look more in depth … How is this party going to help me? Is this person for the poor more, or is this person for the rich? I have to look at how it will affect me as a citizen of Jamaica … You have to do the research for yourself.”

The Positive Vibes Only singer, who changed his name from Flexx, to Double X, Ja Flexx, says that “Anything that I’m doing right now, has to be positive”, especially in light of all the negatives that are around.

“Even if me a sing a ‘girl song’, it a guh do in a nice way. … I need to start with me. I can’t tell the whole entertainment fraternity fi do dis or do dat, but I can start with myself and, hopefully, a next man will see and follow.”

(See full video online where Ja Flexx also talks about the split with TOK and some of his latest work).

Source: Jamaica Star
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