Bob would not be pleased – Music industry insiders want Jamaicans to honour Marley by heeding his messages of love and unity

Written by on February 6, 2020


With February being the month Jamaica celebrates the legacy of its countless musical icons, concerned Jamaicans were hoping to have an ease in the blood-shedding.

But, six days into the month, it seems highly unlikely that will happen as criminal elements continue their killing spree.

Today, as the country commemorates the 75th birthday of reggae legend Bob Marley, musical connoisseurs lament that after spending his entire life preaching messages of love, hope and togetherness, the late icon would be disappointed to see how heartless people have become.

Reggae Queen Marcia Griffiths told THE STAR that having toured the world with Marley, she knew he meant every word he ever sang. She expressed that at the core of his music were the people.


“His music carries message of upliftment, love and togetherness. He wanted to encourage mankind to live in unity and to see the state the country is in now, I’m sure he would be disappointed to see that all he had been preaching and teaching has fallen on deaf ears,” she said. “The music is one of our strongest weapons, it can alleviate all negativity throughout the universe, and Bob understood that and used it to the best of his ability. I would love if Jamaicans could get their acts together and listen to his messages and live accordingly. That is the one gift I’m sure he would love. Nothing would satisfy Bob more than to see his people united and living in love, peace and harmony.”

Queen Ifrica agreed. Back in 2010, the singer penned the track Times Like These, where she expressed that if those who fought for this country could see what its people had become, they’d be heartbroken.

A decade later, those thoughts have not changed. She noted that she watched the Netflix documentary Who Shot the Sherriff? which examined the infamous attempt on Marley’s life.

“Seeing the high level of political tension that was around in those days and that Bob Marley was integral in terms of being in the middle on behalf of the people trying to get Government and opposition to come together for the greater good, I’m pretty sure he would not have been pleased today to see where we are,” she said. “In a new time and in a new era, we’re starting a new decade and for God’s sake we are 100 and something people dead already. It’s a really sad state and Bob would not be happy to see how this negative element of crime continues to plague us.”

Grammy-nominated singer, Etana told THE STAR that it will take the concerted efforts of all citizens to build a Jamaica that Marley would be proud of.

“What Bob Marley would be proud to see is a people working together to build a better, stronger Jamaica. It’s not just one set a people’s fault for all the negatives we see. Peace demands the efforts of all of us ‘together’,” she said. “He would be happy to see a Government making way to increase opportunity for all, including but not limited to, increasing minimum wage, increasing the pay rate for our police force, nurses and teachers. He would love to see our people on all levels thrive. He would be proud of a people who refuse to pick sides, proud to see Jamaicans united for the betterment of all Jamaicans.”

Source: Jamaica Star
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