Sasco, Chris Martin put the show online

Written by on April 8, 2020

On Sunday, singer Chris Martin and deejay Agent Sasco took to social media platforms to share their music with their audience who have been forced indoors due to the Government-imposed restrictions on mass gatherings.

While both performances were dogged by minor technical glitches, particularly in the area of sound, that in no way diminished the potency of the music and appeal of these two staples of Jamaican popular music.

Agent Sasco’s hour-long event, ‘Sascoustic Live’, was beamed from his personal studios at his upper St Andrew home and saw his audience peak at just under 2,500 on his Instagram page. Sponsor Red Stripe also carried the feed on their Instagram page.

The artiste brought out a strong following of his fellow entertainers who all made their presence known online. Among them were Lila Ike, Alaine, Chevaughn, Romain Virgo, Tami Chin, Beenie Man, and Shaggy.

Agent Sasco made sure to deliver his hits as well as new music, and the interactive format allowed for the fans to show their appreciation. Tracks including Stronger, Health and Wealth, Grateful, Fade Away, Slow Down Baby, and Banks of the Hope were part of his set before he closed with the popular Winning Now.

Following the performance, Agent Sasco took to social media to say thanks.

“Thank you for tuning in to Sascoustic Live. It certainly was a different kind of experience. I enjoyed it, I hope you did,” he said.

Martin’s performance which was streamed on his Instagram page as well as sponsors VP Records’ YouTube page was set in the front of the artiste’s upper St Andrew residence with the twinkling lights of the city as the backdrop. Singjay D-Major also performed.

Martin audience peaked at just under 600 on his Instagram account, with a diverse global audience representing countries including Antigua, the United States, Belize, St Lucia, the UK, Canada, Trinidad , Ethiopia, France, Ghana, and Grenada.

Martin took his audience on a musical journey through his career with songs, including Mama, Take My Wings, Paper Loving, Cheater’s Prayer, and Big Deal, which has become a jingle for another of the event’s sponsors, Restaurants of Jamaica, operators of KFC.

In between songs, Martin urged his audience to support the telethon and whatever other efforts that can bring assistance to others during these times.

“We are under curfew, but don’t let it steal your joy and your humanity. Use the opportunity to make a change with whatever change you have. Support ‘Together We Stand’. It is important that we beat this coronavirus,” said Martin.

Martin is among the acts listed to be part of the national telethon set for this Sunday aimed at raising US$10 million to purchase protective gear and equipment for front line workers in the local public healthcare sector, as well as the security forces, as they work to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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