I-Octane’s daughter decides on music career

Written by on April 9, 2020

When she made her stage debut at Rebel Salute back in January, I-Octane’s daughter, Octavia, showed true class and readiness for the music industry. In front of thousands, she joined her father onstage for a performance many dubbed as one of the highlights of the two-day festival. Now, following the recent release of her first single, the aspiring artiste is showing Jamaica that she is capable of following in her father’s musical footsteps.

“Music is something I really love. I always wanted to write and record songs and I’m excited that I finally got the chance,” Octavia told THE STAR. “I am really excited about my first song. It’s called Internet, and it’s about teaching parents to pay special attention to how their children are using the Internet. I want everyone to listen to this song because it will teach us a lot about what is going on. Parents should listen, children should listen. They are going to enjoy it.”

The song, which was released on February 29, was written by Octavia with assistance from her father and his team at Conquer the Globe Records. The latter is I-Octane’s label under which the song was also released.

In an interview with THE STAR, I-Octane said he was not surprised that people are reacting to his daughter’s song with positivity. He expressed that although she’s only 10 years old, she has been ready for music since she was born.

“Her talent is inborn. A from early out me see it and so she always had my support. She’s the best young artiste in Jamaica right now at her age. We’ve had some great young talent come from Jamaica in the likes of Nadine Sutherland, QQ, and more, and she’s going to be adding to that history,” he said. “She has a lot of talent, she knows how to handle herself in the studio, she mash up nuff stage show already, she’s ready.”


He says already, she understands the importance of message music, and that will set her apart in the business.

“What she a sing ’bout a facts too, and that’s why people love it. Some people really just leave them kids to the Internet without any censor, and so dem just a see and hear everything and we can’t have that,” he said. “We as parents affi monitor what we kids a access on the Internet for their sake, and a dat she a say. Basically, what she wants to promote is parental guidance when it comes to the Internet, and it’s a lesson everyone should learn.”

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